August 1, 2006:

The entries for the reactions OH + CH3CHO, OH + C2H5OH and OH + CH3C(O)OH were inadvertently dropped from Table 1-1. The recommendations for these reactions have not changed in JPL 06-2. Please refer to the recommendations in JPL 02-25 for the recommended parameters.

September 1, 2006:

In Table 5-4, Henry’s Law Constants for Pure Water (p. 5-54), the entries for n-C3H5OH and iso-C3H5OH are incorrectly identified. The correct entries are n-C3H7OH and iso-C3H7OH, respectively.

September 6, 2006:

The recommendations for photochemical data for sulfur species (SO2, H2S, CS2, OCS and SF6) and metal species (NaOH, NaCl) were inadvertently omitted from Section 4 in JPL 06-2. The recommendations for these species have not changed since JPL02-25, and this document should be consulted to obtain the cross sections and quantum yields.