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Evaluation 12's Known Problems and/or Errata:


July 11, 1997

The A-factor, E/R, f(298 K), and note number (D44) for the reaction CH3O2 + NO (Table 1) were changed from JPL 94-26 and, as such, should have been shaded.

July 1, 1997

1. In Table 36, FNO Cross Sections, the wavelength 32.3 should be 323 nm.

2. In Table 48, CHClF2 Cross Sections, the wavelength following 196 nm should be 198 nm. Also, for 200 nm, the 250 K value should be .0278, and the 210 K value should be .0246.

May 5, 1997

When the .doc and .rtf files are read in Microsoft Word for Windows, some of the special characters are not displayed properly.



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